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This Side of Forever is the narrative of the loss of a wife and the accompanying grief of her spouse. On January 20, 2010, Donna King suffered a massive heart attack in her sleep. Attempts to revive her by the author and emergency medical technicians failed. In language laced withs searing, original imagery, the author relates the progress of his mourning for three months after her death. Without pandering to pity of sentiment, he traces the psychological journey from the deathbed to memories of their thirty-six-year marriage.

Sample Poems


Blue-tongued death,

Where is your repose

At the pounding of chest,

The forced breath of hope

Pushed through passive

Alveoli and dead bronchia,

The empty lungs and shallow

Heart there, but not there?

As I taste the last

Warm breath release

Your soul

Through limp flesh

And open, unseeing eyes,

Does death savor the tang,

Revel in the first

Taste of unlife,

Beyond our knowing?


Who are these

Who come to the sacrifice,

Robed in black like


Ventricled women, with

Boxes of magic

That are no avail?

They come so quickly,

I have bare time

To open doors and

Wait for the procession,

With no garlands or hopeful

Sprigs of green, to enter

The now tainted room

Where love is lorn,

And the blue face of death,

Whose kisses are cold and

Hard, takes you

Beyond me.


In the dead

Of night,


I can not sleep,

I tread the carpets

And cold tiles,

Making each noise

My familiar;

Creak of wind

At the front door;

Crack of icemaker,

Jostling hum of refrigerator,

Hiss of heat pump,

Blare of the toilet filling,

Filling until the valve

Pops closed,

All the time

Waiting to feel

Your voice

Or just

Your breath,

Behind me in the dark.

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